Jessica Eunice

Hi! My name is Jessica Williams and I have dealt with body issues for years. My natural body tends toward a more curvy and stout stature and I always felt something was wrong with me. It started at a very young age and I never really settled the score with how I feel in the skin I was blessed with.

Have you ever heard commentary about your size, whether big or small? Has it ever felt uncomfortable for you? I know it has for me and I go through waves of greatness and discomfort. My goal is for that to stop! I want to know that if I make great choices and treat my body with care, my size does not matter to those around me. Health is the #1 goal in all things and it doesn’t have a size tied to it.

Making sure the body is a temple will only lead to overall success in all areas of life. I don’t want to post pictures of a picture perfect body or life, but to show the reality of what balance is all about. I’ve stood in my own way for years and even after achieving goals, reverted back to old habits.

Why? Lack of education, lack of understanding, and lack of self care. Trying to morph into something that you’re not and not feeding your life with a healthy balance of good is like fighting a war with a pocket knife. You will always lose. The shift has to begin in the mind.

Finding the right ratio between real life responsibilities and self cafe have to be at the forefront of any lifestyle program.

Sound familiar?

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