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WERK Your Curves Signature System

In all sessions, we will follow the WERK Your Curves model of success. Doing the work, embracing change, respecting the process and knowing the results will follow.

6 Session Package: Discover what’s been holding you back

In these six sessions, we will cover the inner work necessary to move forward with overall health. Getting fit is an inside job and it starts with uncovering the underlying causes for the issues holding you back from being the best possible person. These sessions will take the focus off weight and shift them to the mental side of any health journey. This will be the foundation for lasting success in all areas of the Wheel of Life.

The sessions will take a look at:

  • Areas where you have been holding resentment and fear
  • Taking a deeper look at the reason WHY you want to change (be honest)
  • Looking within to find underlying issues
  • Forgiveness (of self and others who have hurt you)
  • Addressing behaviors that are toxic
  • Making peace with yourself
  • Establishing purpose and self confidence
  • Learning to look within for a deepened sense of meaning

12 Session Package: Food is not the enemy, it is your ally

This package includes everything in the first 6 sessions plus 6 additional sessions addressing food. Food is a sensitive topic. However, food is necessary for survival. In these sessions, we will talk about past and present food behaviors. We will cover dietary theories and address diet culture. Also, we will introduce intuitive and mindful eating as a way to discover how to listen to the body for cues around what is good for you and what is toxic. No person is the same, so there is no one particular method that is one size fits all. We will dig deeper into embracing food and not rejecting it. We will also discuss the science behind some dietary theory and the why behind it.

These sessions will take a look at:

  • Current food behaviors
  • Where there are food fears and struggles
  • Slowing down and listening to the body (the tough stuff like elimination and gut health)
  • Taking time to plan and prepare meaningful meals
  • Settling the score with diet culture (anti-diet)
  • Eating to live and using food as medicine
  • Understanding intuitive AND mindful eating
  • Making peace with food
  • Bio-individuality (Ayurveda, food sensitivities)

18 Session Packages: Time to get moving

Includes everything in the 12 session package plus 6 sessions specifically around movement. Finding movement that works for you is key. There are 100,000 ways to get active and finding what works for you is key. It is important in a culture where many of our careers and lifestyles lend toward a more sedentary way of living (sitting at the desk, computer work, countless hours planning and scheduling, driving here and there) to find intention in movement daily. Movement also involves making the conscious effort to slow down our busy, however sedentary and inactive, lifestyles to take time for deeper meditation and spiritual connection in order to maintain balance of life.

These sessions will take a look at:

  • Establishing routine
  • Making time for movement on a daily basis
  • Finding the best regiment of exercise that fits your needs
  • Making strength (both inner and outer) a priority
  • Scheduling self care and meditation
  • Making the mind and body connection through spiritual growth
  • Sleep
  • Why exercise is a necessary component in overall growth
  • Deeper understanding of building a solid foundation for maintenance (physical and mental)

The process may seem long and grueling, but it is so worth it. As you begin to strip the layers and make peace, you will find that the tension in your body will release. Having a plan, understanding that there are going to be bumps in the road, and embracing the impending process is important. In all things, keeping God first is going to create lasting success. He lives in all of us and He is the guidance we need to live the best life.

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