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Lessons learned in 2018 to carry into 2019

To say 2018 was an eventful year would be an understatement. From becoming certified as a holistic wellness coach to WERK Your Curves finally becoming a thing to selling my mom’s house…and all the in betweens, there is one word for this 2018: growth. It’s the first year in a LONG time that I can […]

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The Balancing Act

October 2017. I remember this month so well because it was the beginning of the journey back to me and it was a tough month for sure. I had just lost my mother in July and instead of taking a few moments to relax and feel something….I moved right back into business as usual. I […]

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The Summer of Wellness

Summer always brings a sense of freedom. I love the long days, the warm air, and the endless opportunities to get outside and play. School’s out, traffic is lighter, the smell of barbecue is prevalent, pools are open for the season…it just gives me that really great feeling of nostalgia (school’s out for summer, and […]

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Powerful Boundaries: A Workshop by The Southern Squeeze, Erin Brown and Trigger Firearm Instruction

Boundaries. Many use that word, but few truly know what it really means. On April 28, I had the pleasure of attending a workshop centered around physical safety, emotional boundaries, and situational awareness coupled with the importance of firearm safety. I didn’t really know what to expect walking in, however, following these ladies on social […]

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Fitness: Consistency is Key

I love working out. It’s kinda my thing. I have always outworked a bad diet and lifestyle choices. Two a days, endless classes, hired trainers, I did it all. I’ve always enjoyed physical activity of some sort. It was my way of asserting my place in the world because I’m naturally strong and fast, and […]

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