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The Balancing Act

October 2017. I remember this month so well because it was the beginning of the journey back to me and it was a tough month for sure. I had just lost my mother in July and instead of taking a few moments to relax and feel something….I moved right back into business as usual. I […]

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The Summer of Wellness

Summer always brings a sense of freedom. I love the long days, the warm air, and the endless opportunities to get outside and play. School’s out, traffic is lighter, the smell of barbecue is prevalent, pools are open for the season…it just gives me that really great feeling of nostalgia (school’s out for summer, and […]

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Fitness: Consistency is Key

I love working out. It’s kinda my thing. I have always outworked a bad diet and lifestyle choices. Two a days, endless classes, hired trainers, I did it all. I’ve always enjoyed physical activity of some sort. It was my way of asserting my place in the world because I’m naturally strong and fast, and […]

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True Body Positivity (EMBRACE)

I want to stop for a second and talk about what true body positivity is and what it is not. I don’t want to take away from any movements or counter movements…just want to shed some light on an experience, in hopes that we can find love for self and others.  If you scan the […]

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Body Shaming: Who is the REAL victim?

Every morning I wake up, take a look in the mirror and immediately start pinching and pulling on my body. My once pronounced abs and muscles now hidden under a layer of fat. I feel so ashamed. I turn from side to side, saddened by the image. My body is playing tricks on me. I can’t say I’m overly surprised by any of it. As women, we do it all day. The whole idea of #bodygoals is unrealistic and damaging. And, don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Khloe Kardashian and her fitness journey, but revenge body? Get outta town. That still takes the emphasis of self and places it on someone else. The real victim of all this nonsense is YOU! It’s time to take charge!

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