WERK Your Body: A body loving conversation for women of color


WERK Your Body

A body loving workshop for women of color by women of color and their supporters/allies

The fitness industry is filled with imagery and propaganda that says that one has to look a certain way and eat a certain way to be happy. And like anything else, it changes so much I can’t begin to try and keep up with it all. I like to challenge that notion. As a woman of color, I don’t feel represented by the fitness status quo. Not even close. This has to change.

Let’s just say…I think the fitness industry is a hock of BS. Hear me out, I don’t know any other industry that values aesthetic more than this industry. And guess what? She doesn’t look like us. She never will…unless we create a space where she does. But it starts with accepting our bodies and getting well! Wellness is a wholeness thing. It’s more than a six pack and a “toned” body. It encompasses love, self care, healthy mindset and balance required to live a full life.

WERK Your Body is a workshop centered around just that. We will WERK our bodies, then WERK our minds and souls through community, conversation and fellowship with like minded women. We are the change agents. So let’s join together and make a movement, shall we? 

Topics will include:

-Body dysmorphia and image

-The myths of strength training for women

-Finding balance in life and defining self care

-Challenges for women of color who feel underrepresented

This is an interactive workshop, so email questions beforehand to hey@werkyourcurves.com and we will cover common themes within each topic.

A cocktail/networking reception will follow shortly after where we will connect with one another and celebrate the beginning of a new movement for women of color in the wellness space!

Cocktails sponsored by: Barseat with RSC

Space sponsored by: The Southern Squeeze

Snacks sponsored by: Fundamentals Catering


Will you join us? Tickets available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/werk-your-body-a-body-love-movement-for-women-of-color-tickets-45215196871

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