WERK is an acronym. It stands for Working, Embracing, Respecting and Knowing your curves!

Work: It means making a conscious effort to get moving on a daily basis. Prioritizing movement of the body will only increase productivity in other areas.

Embrace: Meaning that no matter where you are in your journey, make sure to embrace everything that makes you…YOU! Whether are not you are where you want to be at the moment or have a ways to go, every step of the process requires honor and commitment to self love.

Respect: Respect the curves by feeding your body properly with the right fuel. That is inclusive of all aspects of life including relationships, career and self care. Making the time to respect your body and the environment around you is powerful in many ways.

Know: To continue to fine-tune knowledge about the body, the mind and the spirit and making proper adjustments when necessary. Again, there is no cookie cutter solution to finding balance. It is all about making progress in your own way.


4 key steps to accessing the life you dreamed and visioned while embracing your body.

WERK (Work, Embrace, Respect, Know) Your Curves: How to push past your inner fears and demons to

access your inner glow for life!}


There are 3 key factors (mindset, food and movement) in this process and they all follow the WERK Your

Curves Model. Work toward understanding the problems, Embrace the process, Respect the challenges,

and Know the results will follow.


In this process, you will learn what those inner demons and fears are and find the solutions within. You will

access all the answers by tapping out of the world and society and into your body. By doing that, you will

find the problems are not as big as they seem and oftentimes, they are within you and you can manifest

change from the inside out.


This program is for anyone who experiences personal body shame and fear, feels stuck in their current life

and can see an amazing life beyond right now and wants to FINALLY stop living for others and live for



In learning to go into the body and access the information it is giving you, life can truly begin. You can attract

all the things you want: joy, love, success, peace and freedom. Freedom from yourself and finding the love

you deserve to give and in turn, receive (to yourself and others.)


Don’t get stuck where you are and fall into a vicious cycle of failed relationships, failed diets, failed

workouts, failed careers and access the life you deserve to live. The life that God intended you to have.


In this program, you will learn:


1. How to get out of your own way and start living.

2. The #1 thing that is holding you back from lasting success and change

3. 4 steps you can use in all areas of life to tackle challenges

4. How to attract the things you crave and desire in your life

5. Why dieting and weight loss culture has failed you time and time again

6. How to live a life that looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside…and it’s ALL YOURS


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