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Working, Embracing, Respecting and Knowing your curves

WERK Your Curves is all about creating a safe space to share your challenges, the things you desire to change and to embrace the person you are! It is also a service to create a liaison between lifestyle brands, fitness brands and social life that makes sense for the individual. It is our goal to service the everyday person who wants to create an ecosystem in life. We can do this together! There is no one size fits all in anything and we want to WERK for YOU! 

My Services

18 week package $1440

12 week package $1080

6 week package $600


I can’t say enough positive things about the light that I see in Jessica. As someone that has witnessed her throw herself wholly into entrepreneurship, I am continuously encouraged by her drive and overall positive outlook. Her energy and passion for overall wellness and self-love is contagious. She’s honest about the varying challenges that come with learning to love yourself, but being committed to doing so, for the sake of being the best possible you. I’m excited to see where her journey leads her and those around her.

During the WERK YOUR CURVES CHALLENGE, Jessica helped me to really do the inner work that it took to get started on the outer work.  I had really been neglecting myself in the name of nurturing.  She helped me to identify this behavior and help me get back on track with taking care of me first so that I can be better for others. I will definitely continue to work with Jess in the future.

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